New Logo Launch

Pittsburgh, PA – March 1, 2012- Today, HDS Marketing, Inc. will officially launch their new company logo, coinciding with their 11th annual End User Tradeshow & Luncheon. The new logo is a complete rebranding of their image and emphasizes the company’s refocus on ideas, innovation and integrity.

Through their 2011 acquisition of an additional facility on the West Coast, the new logo truly represents the unity that HDS wishes to portray as an organization.  Howard Schwartz, Founder & CEO, stated “Through our new logo, we are excited and proud to show the evolution and growth that HDS has seen over the past 20 years. This new identity takes us into the next phase as we continue to evolve and grow as an organization.”

This marks the first time the logo has been re-done in the past decade. HDS hopes that their standards of ideas, innovation and integrity propel their brand into the future; aiming to ensure that their customers continue to receive quality goods and services.

Kelly Chiccitt, Vice President of Marketing, emphasized,  “As part of our name change and refreshed brand, we aim to continue to develop and support our U.S. Markets as well as increase our brand recognition. This is an exciting time at HDS.”

The new logo & tagline was previewed by employees at their annual Holiday party and formally introduced to the staff at a celebration luncheon.

HDS Marketing is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with offices in Phoenix, Kansas City, Utah & China. They currently employ over 40 people within these five offices.